Let's Grow Together

What We’ve Learned

We’d like to share with you some of the things we’ve heard since the last bond and what changes we have made.

What We Heard What We Did
- The last proposed bond was too large ($495 million) + This proposed bond is less than half the amount ($245 million)
- We need to use existing funds before asking taxpayers for more + We are building two new schools using limited existing funds
- Reduce building costs + We reduced construction costs by more than 17%
- Teachers need to be paid more + For three consecutive years all employees received a raise
- Administrative salaries are too large + Top administrative salaries have been cut by 12% since 2013
- Include cities in future planning + District included cities in future planning
- Our buildings were underutilized + We completed a room by room analysis of schools in question
- Bond project list was too large + This plan is for six new schools with no upgrades or renovations