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Residential Developments Map
Residential Developments

And the families and students keep coming. We are currently tracking 633 new residential developments district-wide. This includes the recently announced Riverton Mountain View Development.

Projected Growth

We want to give you a quick look at projected growth in some of our schools.  Remember these projections change frequently as cities approve new developments. Herriman High was built for 2,650 students. If we do nothing, the enrollment in five years will be more than 4,700 students. That’s larger than Snow College, BYU Hawaii or the LDS Business College.

Portable Classroom ComparisonWe would need 85 portables on campus to accommodate all of the students at Herriman High. For a fun visual of this, if you stack 85 portables on top of each other, they would be almost as tall as the Empire State Building, taller than the Eiffel Tower and three times the height of the tallest building in Utah.

District-wide we are projected to grow by more than 9,251 students by the 2021-22 school year. Keep in mind, all of these projections were confirmed by an independent consultant and we recognize charter schools may absorb some of this growth.

bond_overcrowdedschoolHow have we dealt with growth?

  • 15 boundary changes since 2014
  • 12 year-round schools house 12,092 students
  • We are trying a modified traditional schedule pilot at two elementary schools. This schedule should expand school capacities by 20%
  • 250 portable classrooms house 12% of students (6,250)