Let's Grow Together

The Plan

Let’s look at the proposed bond highlights:

Planned School Locations

  • Six new schools will be built to ease overcrowding
  • This proposed bond is for new construction only, NO renovations or upgrades to our buildings
  • This plan was created with significant input from our cities
  • The bond projects by priority are as follows:
School Type Location Opening
High Herriman 2020-21
Middle South Jordan 2019-20
Middle rebuild West Jordan Middle 2019-20
Elementary Bluffdale 2019-20
Elementary Herriman 2019-20
Middle Herriman/Bluffdale 2021-22
Purchase land, if bond funds remain

Rebuilding 60-year-old West Jordan Middle for Safety & Technology

The 60-year-old West Jordan Middle is being rebuilt for safety. Maintenance and upkeep projects are never ending. It’s more cost effective to rebuild this school, rather than trying to bring it up to code through renovations.  This school has not had a significant upgrade or renovation since it was built in 1958.